About Canada

If you are one of those who seek a high quality of life above anything else, Canada is the place for you. It has been consistently ranked by the UN as the number one country in the world to live in. Having a large Asian population of students, Canada offers a truly international educational experience.

Furthermore, the Canadian degree or diploma is instantly recognized around the world as being of the highest standard. And you get all this at a remarkably low cost both in terms of cost of education and the cost of living. Tuition fees for international students in Canada are much lower than other Countries.

Canada is an incredible country - a land of immense geography, extreme climate, vast resources, and a small but ethnically diverse population. Canada is a country occupying most of northern North America. It is the worlds second-largest country by total area, and extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and northward into the Arctic Ocean. Canada shares land borders with the United States to the northwest and south.

Advantages of Study in Canada

Canada offers flexible program for Indian tudent with 41 community colleges/institutions which makes easier for students in admission and visa process.

September is the primary intake. The application closing date for Universities is around February and for community colleges is around MAY.

January-February i the secondary intake. May is a minor intake.

Very high Visa success ratio under SDS rules.

Earliest and fastest Permanent Residency possibilities after study.

No need to show bank balance or IT returns.


Recent population of Canada to 37,271,791.

Main Cities

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and home for the Governor-General of Canada, the Prime Minister of Canada.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the fifth most populous city in North America.

Montreal is the largest French speaking city in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest city by population in Canada.

The other big cities are - Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg.

Culture & Multiculturism

Canadian culture has been influenced by American culture because of its proximity and migration between the two Countries. It has historically been influenced by British, French, and Aboriginal cultures and traditions. American media and entertainment are popular if not dominant in Canada; conversely, many Canadian cultural products and entertainers are successful in the US and worldwide. Many cultural products are marketed toward a unified North American or global market.

Canada is a geographically vast and ethnically diverse country. There are cultural variations and distinctions from province to province and region to region. Canadian culture has also been greatly influenced by immigration from all over the world. Many Canadians value multiculturalism, and see Canadian culture as being inherently multicultural.

Education System


Pre-University and secondary education combined are sometimes referred to as K-12 (Kindergarten through Grade 12).

Post Secondary Education

Post secondary education is offered by four types of educational institutions...

Community Colleges and Technical Institutes

They typically have a more vocational-related curricula, with small classes, off-campus course offerings, a greater ratio of laboratory space to class room space, and an interactive teaching style. The uniqueness of Canadian colleges lies in the combination of employer-centered curricula. These institutes have the primary function of responding to the training needs of business, industry, and public service sectors. Most colleges and technical institutes offer diplomas and certificates rather than degrees, however, more and more now grant degrees and applied degrees.

University Colleges

As a component of the Canadian university system, University Colleges offer students a choice of either academic oriented University Degree programmes or the more practical-oriented College Diplomas and Certificates. As a part of the Canadian college system, university colleges are distinguished by their strong student support services, small classes and strong campus environments. They also offer combined degree/diploma programmes and university transfer programmes.