About PTE

The Pearson Test of English is the world’s leading and the fastest AI based test for English language for immigration and studying abroad. Since it is computer based, it cannot be influenced by any external factors, such as accent, pronunciations, etc.

There are two modules for PTE



PTE Academic provides the results in just 5 business days, with more than 250 test centers in over 50 countries. You also get the benefit of sending your scores to as many organizations and universities as you please, without any additional fees.

The academic PTE exam is for studying abroad while the general exam is for immigrating to other countries like Australia & New Zealand.

The test can only be given at a registered PTE exam center, where you use a computer and headset to respond to the questions given to you.

There are a total of four language skills that are assessed with a PTE Academic test – speaking & writing (clubbed into one), reading and listening. PTE Academic scores are accepted by multiple universities worldwide, including the prestigious institutions like Harvard, Yale and INSEAD. The Australian and New Zealand governments mainly accept PTE Academic scores for immigration and visa purposes, among other countries.

At GAT ON Consultants, both Academic and General coaching are provided, with the provision of headsets and module tests to get a better hands-on experience before appearing for the test. The PTE Academic test scores have a validity of 2 years, where we are authorised to book the exam dates for you. Rao Consultants PTE Coaching will train you to ensure that the 3 hours of the exam time is managed best by training you for the computer exam.

The test scores range from 10-90 and the applicant receives an overall score on this scale. The applicant also receives individual score for their Communicative skills, i.e. Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing; along with their Enabling skills, i.e. Grammar, Spelling, Oral Fluency, Vocabulary and Written discourse.